Financial Hardships


Whether you’ve already missed a payment or are anticipating difficulty making your payments in the near future, speaking with your GITSIT account manager today is the most important step in protecting your investment. Your GITSIT account manager is empowered to quickly implement solutions to help you avoid default and preserve your credit standing.


If you are behind on your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, there may be other options available to you, depending on the type of mortgage loan you have, your current financial situation, and whether or not you want to retain ownership of your property. Your options may include:
  • Forbearance/Repayment Plan (to bring your account current)
  • Refinancing of your existing loan
  • Loan modification
  • Short Sale (Pre-foreclosure sale of your property)
  • Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure (surrender of your property)
We are willing to work with you to find a mutually agreeable resolution.


GITSIT is committed to assisting eligible borrowers who are experiencing a hardship caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus which has negatively affected their ability to make scheduled mortgage payments. If you are experiencing such a hardship and know the contact information for your designated single point of contact, please contact him or her directly. If you do not have direct contact information, please call 888-566-3287 if your loan is being serviced in GITSIT’s California office, and 855-522-3863 if your loan is being serviced in GITSIT’s Michigan office. If you are unsure of the correct office, please call 888-566-3287 for assistance.